hello there, saddy beat me to the punch but i did want to point out as well that when you guys are having trouble logging on just email me and i will help you sort it out…:D

re this thread, i am glad that by and large the war is being discussed thoughtfully, even if we can’t help getting heated about it…i myself do not know yet how i feel as i cannot separate my own selfish feelings about being yanked out of my new job and home from my ongoing need for resolution regarding 9/11…i find myself extremely resentful over the fact that osama is still slithering around out there, along with several of his likeminded brethren but several people are dying in iraq…and i admit to being puzzled as to why iraq, when several followers of islam who commit terrorist acts are being given aid and succor in multiple countries, such as yemen, saudi arabia, even quatar, one of the more ‘progressive’ countries…it seems a hopeless fight indeed…but the fact remains that none of the antiwar people has yet voiced a plausible course of action against these people who feel it is their godgiven right to fly commercial airliners full of innocent people into skyscrapers, or immolate themselves along with a bus full of innocent people in the middle of a market place, or kill olympic athletes…the list goes on…you see, i too believe that each country and its people are entitled to create their own little slice of heaven or hell on this earth; so when i kept hearing about afghani women who were being beaten for showing their ankles in public, i shrugged and said, okay, that is the world they live in, the sons they have borne have helped create it, not my choice, not my problem…but when you come and spread your poison in my country, and kill my countrymen, then it is my business…so please, if any of you have any real ideas about how to stop that, i am all ears