I just feel sorry for the actors

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Hmm…On Topic…OK.

I don’t think the 4th season is near a total loss. I just have trouble with following the story this time around. There have been some very funny moments and rarely do I laugh out loud at any tv shows, except the Simpsons. Lexx ‘always’ provides at least one LOL moment per show, even in this new season. Most shows don’t even offer that! And as for the actors, they’re good regardless of the material. I’d watch Xenia in anything. Brian surely is not complaining about his role and seems willing to take it as far as it will go. The only one I think the show may affect is Michael. He has such a ‘stigmatizing’ character that, regardless of his acting, he may get labeled as Kai forever. But that is not a function of just this season. The minor actors are no doubt happy to get a spot on Lexx. It shows they’re willing to take a chance at playing a goofy part. I think when it’s all said’n done, anyone who worked on Lexx will look back and have a good laugh and say ‘that was fun!’ I know, as a viewer, I will say that after it’s over


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Grrrrrrrr…… dgk!!!!