Lexx to Resume on Jan 25th (USA)

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Originally posted by Headgehog:

I’m not worried so much about Canada. I’m worried about Britian. I’m talking Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Boston Tea Party, come on Americans chant with me “U.S.A. U.S.A!!”

On a serious note, When you say scifi did you mean scifi us or uk or just scifi in general? If its scifi networks (international) the brits ‘ll beat us. If it’s SciFi US has first airing privilages, we’ll get it all first. I’m thinking the former, since uk and us audiances really don’t compete with each other. Northern US audiances and Canadians do compete, and they could potentially share videos.

I’m hoping we finish first.

U.S.A. U.S.A!!

Sorry to be so childish Headgehog, but…we’re gonna beat you,(waves hands about like Rocky Balboa), Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves (Airwaves that is)…forgot the rest!!!
Look, we were first in your country, so we should be the first to see the end of Lexx (look I’m only kidding!!!), it will be an historical day when the proud citizens of the British Empire (hah!!!) announce to our American cousins all the contents of the last episode of Lexx.
Having said that, I’m sure the evil Sci-Fi channel has something lined up for us as well, probably end up seeing the last ep six month’s after you lot!!!