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Originally posted by Aurora:
Nope, this is not settled yet! Squishums, I have an enourmous cat and I’ll feed him up just for you. I’ll take you everywhere with me and you can eat anyone who’s in front of me in a line (do Brits call it a cue?), and anyone who disses Lexx.

Now that sounds nice, you people really know how to treat a cluster lizard.
I’m rather partial to cat, and if they are big and fat, well all the better, as it makes the blighters easier to catch.
One added benefit to having a cluster lizard is that you don’t have to wait in queues (brit spelling!!!), most people tend to run fearing lives, but of course you always get the stubborn and stupid ones…they are my personal favourite, yum!!!
But am I to be just your bodyguard, I say that because I’ll get old one day and my fangs will fall out, the topknot will be gone and you might not find me useful to have around anymore.