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Originally posted by Hypatia:
Sorry Squishy, I realized that you were trying to take over the world with your clusterlizards, and that I had to send in the attack pandas……

We can still be friend – er, mortal enemies, can’t we?

Edit to add:

Well what do you expect, feeding my messanger to a bunch of clusterlizards? I bet DalekTek would be a perfect gentleman when it came to a war fought with beer and ice and clusterlizards and attack pandas!

[ 11-02-2002: Message edited by: Hypatia ]

I am not trying to take over the world and I am not the bad guy, I am merely attempting to repel the forces lead by you and Headgy before the invasion begins.
As for your messenger, well I wasn’t the one who made him dress up like a tranny, the poor bloke was a gibbering wreck, so we had no choice but to eat him, as that’s what cluster lizards do.
You run off with DT, see if I care (sobs), I can’t help what I am, but I’m sure there are other’s out there that would want to ruffle my top knot!!!
DT, watch that Hypatia, she may seem like the nicest and loveliest lady you’ve met, but underneath it all works the mind of insane and corrupt person…you’ve been warned.