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Originally posted by Aleck:
It’s not an *actual* knighthood, but an honorary one. She didn’t bend the rules, but it’s not all too common an occurance, either. Because it’s an honorary knighthood, Rudy Giuliani can’t be called “Sir,” but can add the initials “KBE” (for “Knight of the British Empire”) after his name.

Just gettin’ technical.


Actually, in the UK he will be called Sir, though it may not be required in America, but be it honourary or not, he can carry on using the title.
There have been many other non-uk denizens that have been awarded this title, for instance Sir Bob Geldof, who I believe is native to the Republic of Ireland, which is not part of the British Empire (as I’m sure you know).
I’ve never heard of a KBE (which is not to say it doesn’t exist), there is CBE (Commander of the British Empire), MBE (Member of the British Empire) and OBE (Order of the British Empire), and the highest honour being knighted as ‘Sir’, which as you say is Knight of the British Empire.
The Queen didn’t bend the rules per say, but it is very rare for this award to be given to people outside the U.K, and it doesn’t actually follow tradition or history, it has only been of late that the Queen has relaxed the so-called rules to allow people like Rudy to become knights, o in a certain sense, she does bend the rules allow it, but, heh, she’s Queenie…so I suppose she can do as she damn well pleases!!!