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Originally posted by Squish-ums:
This is one of those times where you feel muted, while others who do NOT represent you spout off.

ah squishy, unfortunately, the people who are silly enough to take that seriously are not the types that show up in an international forum like this one to talk with their friends across the pond…this nonsense goes on everywhere, and i like to think that most of us view it for what it is; insects buzzing about and annoying you while you’re trying to get work done on a more positive note, all of the countries involved in this antiterrorism fight (uk, us and so on) are supposed to be the good guys, so we should have nothing to fear from such questions, and we should be glad that we live in places where such questioning is allowed it keeps us honest, and reminds us what this is all about…i recently heard general schwarzkopf speak, and some moron asked him why we didn’t just wipe out all muslims…true military people, as you probably know, are well aware of the loss of life and responsibility accruing thereto in any military action, and therefore are usually less hawkish than the guy sitting at home watching the telly…so the general was as appalled as the majority of the people in the audience, and replied appropriately “because we are supposed to be the good guys, otherwise what is the difference between us and them?”…these sentiments have been stated in many times and many places throughout history, but they are true and bear repeating nonetheless…anyway, thanks for the warm thoughts as always, squishy, people like you are what make this board so much fun to be a part of …love, fx

ps, if this turns into a thread, we can always move it to the angst forum, so we don’t have to worry about being off topic