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so while we discuss the war, let us leave out the antiamerican rhetoric, and talk about how, outside of force, we are seriously going to get saddam, or the terrorists, to bow to outside pressure and come to the table and talk…do you seriously think all these suicide bombers are going to say, gee you are right, what was i thinking? reason only works with the reasonable…why haven’t all the socalled peaceful muslims banded together to toss these terrorists out? i am not being contentious, i am simply still waiting for a reasonable answer….

(1) Bring Hussein up on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Doing so has helped force more than one tyrant out of office.
(2) Use the military we’re currently using to bomb the hell out of Baghdad to support the UN inspection process — which was working already. (Oh, and news break: there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. British Home Secretery David Blunkett has already admitted that WMD may never be found in Iraq. The closest we’ve come? Pesticide. Yep, Weapons of Mass Insect Destruction. The question of WMD *only* came up at the time that we sought UN approval. It was never mentioned previous to that because *it wasn’t an issue* even though Iraq was known to be the next stop after Afghanistan.)

What suicide bombers are we talking about, FX? You mean the ones that came from Saudi Arabia on behalf of a terrorist organization acting on behalf of a Saudi in hiding in Afghanistan to attack the WTC and the Pentagon? Because they’re not part of the conflict we’re currently discussing, nor are they even remotely connected to the conflict we’re discussing, and so they should not be considered part of the discussion on Iraq. No evidence links them, any evidence that was cited beforehand linking Iraq and Al Qaeda has been proven to be false, and this connection has just been repeated over and over in order to get people to believe it despite its inaccuracy.