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Lexxrobotach wrote:ADM – Read my posts. I don’t understand why you keep going back to Sadam. I hate the guy just as much as you do. My wish was that diplomacy could have been given a chance. It wasn’t given enough chance to. I have been in battles, which is why I would have liked to have seen diplomacy fully used. War should only be a last measure, and in this case it wasn’t.

You don’t understand why I keep going back to Saddam???, what war are you watching?, it’s because it’s about Saddam, it’s not about your gripes over the US’s foreign policy, if you want to go on a US bashing spree then start a new thread, this one is about the war, it has nothing to do with what you feel America has done in the past.
And you’re saying read your posts, well why should I when you’ve clearly not read mine, if you had you’d realise that diplomacy doesn’t work with Saddam, you’re not dealing with other UN countries that recognise diplomacy, you know nothing of Saddam, if you did you’d know that it’s obvious diplomacy is just a tool for him to buy more time for him. While a diplomatic solution is attempted, Saddam is saying what you want to hear, while in reality he has no intent of following anything set down by the west.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Saddam doesn’t come from our culture, he doesn’t follow our rules, telling him to do something is not going to work…ever, the threat of war means nothing to him, whereas an actual war does. And after all the diplomatic avenues have dried up, where will we be?…in Iraq and engaged in war, that’s where, and all that the diplomacy had resulted in, is buying Saddam more time to prepare for it by getting his hands on more weapons, possibly even nukes, so I say again…Diplomacy and UN Inspections mean nothing to Saddam and are as a result doomed to failure.
And as you so inaccurately quoted a likeness to the US and NAzi Germany, here’s another thing you should know. The UN (or league of nations as it was then) did nothing but try to find a diplomatic solution to the impending crisis that led too WW1 and WW2, when they finally realised they could not get the Nazi’s too listen, it was too late.
There is a time a place for diplomacy, this conflict isn’t one of them, for diplomacy too work both parties need to play ball, and Saddam was never going to. Diplomacy is an invention for the west, Saddam has no interest in what we declare morally wrong, he answers only to Allah and not western diplomacy, his beliefs are based on religion, everything he does is governed by the belief that God has wished him too take such action, he rationlises his actions by what he believes God has asked of him, no diplomacy, politics or inspections is going to sway him in that belief, and If you really do think that diplomacy is the answer then I’m afraid you live in a fantasy world.