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DT, as a Lexx fan, I’m terribly surprised to find that you’ve discussed so much of this series and still refuse to acknowledge the difference between the two different characters, Zev and Xev. I’t’s not some big conspiracy to ‘fool’ you into beleiving something false.

Eva Haberman played the original character Zev Bellringer, from B3K. She did get a body makeover and an increased libido drive, however, she didn’t get the programming, that went to 790. In the second season, Terminal, Zev dies trying to save Stan and Kai from destruction by the evil doctors on the med station. In real life, Eva Haberman’s other film work prevented her from continuing the character, because the series kept getting postponed time and time again, and she took up other options for her career. When the Lyekka episode ran, the producters, etc, had picked out Xenia Seeberg to continue in “essence” the character, but changed the name to Xev to avoid confusion on the two different actresses. You don’t have to take my word for it, it’s in several interviews and magazine articles written at the time.

You’ve stated in many posts that there are alot of episodes that you haven’t yet seen. Perhpaps someone could obtain them for you, and by watching them all in sequence, you’d get a better idea of the development of the character of Zev/Xev. And Xev is not IN LOVE with Stanley, she finds him physically unappealing, she would prefer to have Kai if he were alive, but is not. She may care for Stan in a familial type of way, but if you watch anything at all, you’d notice she does everything she can to avoid being caught in his clutches. We all know Kai can’t return her love, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still feel love for him, it has nothing to do with Kai..just Xev.

Until then, why can’t you just take everyone else’s word for it, or are we all just “imagining” things…?