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    Ok guys, there is no more AA we knew, it was eaten by Canwest and totally reformed.

    So there is a big chances that new owners of LEXX – Canwest would find it interesting to return, or at least would sell it. Biggest problem now is investor,

    But the rest is … well you know, i am writer and game game designer with several years of expirience in industry andstarted LEXX revival project few years ago, have 4 epic scripts (LExx Season 5 + Lexx prequel trilogy in 3 parts : Insect Wars, Divine order and Divine Assassin,  when 1st  3 planned as tv series, last one planned as video game) and general plan of how to return lexx to its original glory and roots of season 1, and you may support it. 

    I was not satisfied with ending of LEXX season 4 and entire season, so my season 5 script is alternative to it, and developed completely with idea of backing lexx to season 1 roots, so even Eva Haberman planned to be returned (and i had conversation with her, she seems quite interested in return to Zev role, Brian Downey seems interested too) but not instead of Xenia, but in addition to her… so Zev and Xev planned to appear together.

    If you interested please read details here http://iwhds.blogspot.com/p/fundraising.html and here http://twitter.com/iwhds and stop sitting on sofa and dreaming about LEXX revival! Do something! Make you move! Support lexx revival proiect and spread the word it!

    Lexx not dead!



     Funniest post I’ve seen in ages ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, you want us to donate some money to you for funding your attempt at a LEXX revival using your own scripts?  And you have the backing of 3 of the key actors…. Awsome!

    I almost believe you.

    (I’ll probably keep the links in for a little while so you can checkout the site for some fun.  I’m not normally so generous with scam posts, but what thehell, it might actually be true! ๐Ÿ˜€ )






    No, you got it all wrong.

    I was just too quick about posting this before preparation was over, however main reason of posting this that early – is attempt to attract some of attention to the project itself, additionally it was an experiment,  to find out if there is any chance to use financial support  from lexx fans to help project at least at start-up. I don’t really believe that lexx fans are so generous and rich to donate anything that could be spent for at least promotional purposes, but you never know until you try it,

    Also i heard some rumors from Xenia about some rich lexx fan from California who was willing to invest into continuation of lexx, so why not to try this?

    I expected such kind of skeptical reaction, if i was you i would not belive myself until ill have more information (thats where art of googling migh be helpful)… so its fine to me, and despite your sorcastic tone i think its pretty normal reaction and did everything right (well except screaming so loud that its a "scam", that was funny) but at least you had some fun while was reading it, don’t you?  

     If you noticed i used a lot of rephrased lexx quotes in a funny way, and whole tone was not very serious, so in case if people would not believe this, they could at least think of it as funny joke.

    I suppose it was you, who left that angry funny comment on this page, please check it again for answer with some proves. I had some fun while was reading that angry comment

     Also i suggest you to start checking these sites (they was not launched back then)  http://www.lexxtv.com and http://www.lexxrevival.com for upcoming updates and related sites, where you, (if you are Sherlock Holmes enough ), can find some more information and proves about lexx revival project if you still think its a "scam".
    You may even find out there, to your big surprise, that it really might actually be true. ๐Ÿ˜€

    More surprises coming soon, try not jump to conclusions so fast, yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)

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