SadCAST #3 shooting details and update

Hi, I just emailed this to you guys: [b]Logan, please could you send me your email address so that I can add you to the mail list.[/b] Just a quick note to tell you that [u]the scheduled SadCAST #3 recording session is on for this Friday at 11.30pm GMT.[/u] [b]IF YOU AREN’T ABLE TO MAKE IT – PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE SCRIPT AREA OF THE WIKI [/b](accessible at the bottom of the main menu on SadGeezer.Com (then select the SadCAST 3 script page)) – I need to know for booking extra people on a Skype conference (normally 4 is the limit). Mike, Sam, Katya and myself will be recording at my front room in Preston