Firefly: Purity Test: Profile: Manic Academic Firefly Fanatic


Your point score was in excess of 85%.
You are at the top of the class and very knowledgeable about Firefly.
There are also some other interesting characteristics about your personality that you might like to see. A detailed breakdown is provided below. 




Firefly is better than sex.


You are addicted to Firefly . It is my personal opinion that you are a hopeless case.  


You believe that god made stupid people because there are so many.


FIREFLY TWERPS are a source of cruel amusement to you.


You will not admit this in public, but you have also secretly written your own Firefly episode(s) and are currently plucking up the courage to submit them to the Very Reverend Joss Whedon. 


Rainy days and automatic weapons get you down.


You believe that the gene pool could use a little chlorine.


Sexually, you are somewhat insecure, preferring the purer more romantic relationships of the TV Show Friends, to the tacky implausibility of sex between Zoe and Mal.  


You find that it is lonely at the top, but you eat better.


You like to call feminists ‘cute’.


You are either celibate or a committed family man/woman.  


You would be faithful to one partner and have not necessarily fantasised about making love with Inara or Simon. 


If you had a walk on part you would want to play an Alliance Officer.


You are highly intelligent but a bit stupid when it comes to common sense.


You drive far too fast to worry about cholesterol.  


People like you, but they think you’re a bit of a Geek.  


If you worked as much as others, you would do as little as they did.


You have a good career but you do not own a large house or flash car.  


Other Firefly fans look up to you.


You are a mine of information and you should be careful not to become the ‘party bore’ or patronising.  


FIREFLY SADGEEZERS admire your commitment although you secretly admire their social skills and in particular, the way members of the opposite sex are all over them.  


You have recently sent an email message to Joss Whedon reporting an inconsistency in one of the episodes.  


Some people call you Dr Spock – this really annoys you.



It should be pointed out that these conclusions
should only be taken seriously if they are correct!


The Firefly Purity Test is © 2002 Tony Fawl.
Not for reproduction without the authors permission



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