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This LEXX guide is the largest of the Sci Fi SadGeezer  Guides and has received some wonderful contributions from moderators of SadBOARD, LEXX actors and crew and viewers.  In this guide you will get as complete an understanding of the show as is possible and, from a range of different perspectives.  

Brian Downey and our very own FXThe usual episode reviews, character bios and cultures details are here as is the purity test and links to the LEXX forums, but don’t whatever you do, stop there!  Checkout the LEXX conventions page to see what the fandom got up to during the making of the show.  Get an idea of what it’s like to create, act and produce the show from character and cast interviews and meet some of the fans of the show and lean why this site considers LEXX to be a classic Cult Sci Fi series. For instance, checkout the Invasion of the Moderators write-up by FX, theFrey and Blackcloud!  It’s a cracker!


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Episode Reviews

A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures and sound files. We have almost all of the shows reviewed (even the not so good ones) – it’s just that we got a little lazy towards the end of Season 4.


Character Biographies

Biographies of the most important characters.  We have dead people, part cluster lizards, cowards and computer peripherals.  LEXX people are the coolest!


LEXX Cultures

This section describes each of the races encountered by our intrepid crew.  It also provides a handy race rating to help you determine if you would want to invite a member of such a race to one of your parties.


Lex GigeroffMeet the Makers

The writers and people who produce the show.  Some observations and information about how the show was conceived and produced.  This initial introduction was when the early episodes had just aired.  LEXX, at that time, was probably the most innovative and high tech sci fi show on TV.


The gang with our new freind His Divine Ben... I mean Shadow.LEXX Conventions

Events that are like no other convention you have been on!  This is a set of pictures and writ-ups of some of the meetups and conventions that were arranged during the early seasons.  This was before LEXX became really popular and some of the events are very modest (but they were still fun 🙂 )


Lexx logoGlossary of LEXX terms

A great glossary by Niall Webster.  Lots and lots of details about some of the more perculiar LEXX ‘things.’ For instance, what’s a B3K?


See the free stuff section for more pics like this!LEXX Cast & Crew Interviews

Chat Transcripts and video interviews with the cast of LEXX. Our illustrious LEXX forum moderators produced a magnificent set of interviews and events with the main cast and crew of the series.  A fascinating insight into all things LEXX!


Giggy's armThe Famous LEXX PURITY TEST

Test your knowledge, and silliness.  And yes it truly is famous.  My father was talking to a woman on the bus a few days ago and she thinks she’s heard of it!  By the way, this is a serious bit of fun with a Psychometric Analysis bolted on the back.  The results are so accurate, that you can print them out and take them with you and submit them as an objective Personality Profile when asking your partner to marry you! 


LEXX Bibliography (to 2000)

This is an amazing piece of work but I’m afraid most of the links are dead.  Having said that, our very own SadGeezer (yes me) was interviewed by the Halifax Herald (Nova Scotia).  Check out the article HERE


Firm, long and skewer-likeLEXX Competition 1
LEXX Competition 2

Crazy Captions Competitions from the early seasons of LEXX These were a lot of fun and the creator and producer Paul Donovan chose the winners and donated some of the LEXX props as prizes!



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