LEXX: A little Gossip from the Dark Zone (snippets from Salter St. emails in 1999)

This is some bits from 1999, it’s an old page using the old graphics and fonts.  It’s here just as a bit of historic fun.

I had to take many of the comments out because it got to the stage when Salter couldn’t keep anything secret!! Shame really! Still, there are a couple of messages that I can leave in, just a bit of historic background I guess and what it must have been like to work on the set and be a bit of a noob.  (I thought Shawn was awesome by the way!)

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LEXX - Gossip from the DarkZone

LEXX GOSSIP From the DarkZone
What deals are going down? Who’s having an affair with who? Who got caught behind the set in Studio Two with a 790 prop glued to the front of his pants!?
All will be revealed here!

A nice perspective of working on the set from one of the crew and …. well, he seems pretty excited about the new shows!
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 23:28:45 -0700
From: Shawn Bull
Subject: Set of the LEXX Series three

To whom this may concern:
Hello my name is Shawn, and I have a little story to tell you.

PROLOG: I work for the Set Construction Company (MAX SET) that builds all of the sets for the LEXX that are shot in CANADA. I have been working for Max Set for 3 weeks now.

STORY: one day when I was finishing up work in STUDIO 2 (Bridge of the LEXX) I walked out into the hallway to chat with a Lighting Tech, while I was standing there chatting it up (I also was blocking the way of the doors to & from STUDIO 3) I heard a voice say; “Excuse us there”. I turned saying; “Sure, No problem” and found myself nose to noses with Michael McManus (Kai) & Brian Downey (Stanley) in full costume. I then found myself in a sort of weird position, not really knowing what to say or if I should say anything (Suddenly remembering my training, “Don’t bother the actors, they have enough on there minds!) but like so many others that watch the show I found myself STAR STRUCK! I then just kind of stared and smiled while watching them sit down and take a breather and enjoy a smoke. I knew that working on the LEXX series would one day give me the opportunity to meet the actors that I watch every week on TV But I did not think is such a startling way. I had to try and have at least a brief conversation, so over I went. I walked up to them and said: “Hello guys. Has the fun began yet”? (What an idiot I must have sounded like, but oh well.) Michael responded smiling and in a very surprising way (I think I though he may have been a little snotty) “Oh! Let me tell you. The fun has not even began. Come back and see me Monday”. Brian agreed saying: “Yea! that’s when it will begin”. I smiled responding: “Oh! Yeah! That’s when shooting begins isn’t it. The two of them just grinned and nodded. Now I did it I said to my self. I then decided it was time to leave before I wear out my welcome. I said to the two of them: “Well gentleman I will leave you alone have a good week-end, talk to you again”. Both Michael & Brian replied: “Same to you”. Michael added: “See you later”.

Epilog: Well since that time I have seen them once more but I didn’t talk to them, they were heading for their shoot. I now have gotten over my Stars trucked way of mind. I no longer feel that weird feeling in the bottom of my gut when I see any of them.

Here you are. My story so far. Just thought you would like to know.

P.S. Just you wait till you see what is in store for third season, new actors, new actresses, all new ships and some of the best stories so far.


Confirmation that Season Three has begun shooting
Date sent: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 20:02:43 -0300
Subject: Lexx Season Three
From: Ruth Leggett

Hi there!
Hadn’t written you in a while….but now on the eve of filming LEXX Season Three I thought I’d drop you a note to say hello. We’ve just spent the past weeks getting ready and tomorrow the madness will begin all over again. The scripts look good and the season should be quite fun.

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