Andromeda: Cultures

Click the picture or the race title for a more detailed description. Each race is also rated (in case you ever want to invite one of them to a party).

Commonwealth(ian)The Commonwealth

Not actually a race, the democratic alliance of nations from three galaxies. Wrecked by the Nietzscheans 300 years ago. It is now in chaos.

NeitzscheanThe Nietzscheans

These are the genetically engineered, cold, self-proclaimed superior race responsible for the downfall of the Commonwealth.

Magogian or Magogster or Magog personThe Magog

A very cool bunch of people (if it weren’t for the fact that they eat other races and reproduce by rape! Inflict injury from their venemous fangs ….

The Nightsiders

A shifty irritating bunch of wheeler-dealers. If there’s a shady deal to be done, they will be behind it.

The Than-Thre-Kull

A strange but likeable Insectoid race with five destinct casts, workers, warriors and scientists, builders and leaders (denoted by colours – the one pictured was a warrior – the ex-pilot of Andromeda).

The Perseids

These were the first of the alien races to make contact with humans. They are bureaucratic and boring but hey, aliens right! I guess the novelty soon wore off.

The Vedrans

The Gods of old. Scared the hell out of the Greeks 2000 years ago when they came to Earth. They were conquerers, they have four hoofed legs and started the Commonwealth.

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