Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Weird Science

Weird Science : Some of the stranger items seen in the TV series

Babel Fish

Handy translator at home in your ear!A most wonderful discovery (and it also got round that problem in TV Sci Fi where you have to justify people speaking in English. This is a truly innovative bit of stuff!)

Deep Thought

A smart arse CPU! Most of us have a bit of a loathing for computers, but this HUGE computer has an ego that just makes you want to punch it – it would be worth a sore hand!

Sirius Cybernetics Corp.

Mad Scientists! A bunch of cool SadGeezers were determined to produce something that everyone wanted. They also wanted lots of money.

Infinite Improbability Drive

Impossible transport! This is so improbable and downright impossible that it almost defies logic.. erm.. actually it does defy logic. What makes things worse was the reference to a cup of tea (brownie and motion something or other).

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