Red Dwarf: Ships

The wacky space vehicles of the Red Dwarf saga 

There are actually quite a few varied spaceships and stations in Red Dwarf.  Many of them have interesting designs and fun functions.  Some of them are reviewed here.

Red Dwarf

The bloody huge ship of our heroes – It seems to be an integral part of the Red Dwarf story but can be completely absent in some of the series.

Prison Shup - Full frontal The Prison Ship

Housing the universe’s scum, and people who drive while talking on their cell phones.  It has some really cool footwear too but the AI is a little dodgy!

Starbug - full frontal! Starbug

A small shuttle craft – Yeah, that’s it.  This ugly little spaceship that doesn’t do much is, for some reason much loved by the Red Dwarf fandom – who’d of thought it!

The holoship leaves without RimmerHoloship

A holographic ship – How cool is that? A ship made out of light, that travels at the speed of light (I guess), and has lots of light people and things that are made out of light and they walk on light floors and drink light coffee… That’s bonkers! 

The Esperanto - Wet and wonderful!S.S.S. Esperanto

An ocean colonisation ship – It’s not so much about the ship as what happened to it!

Legions Ship - Great Balls of Fire!Legion’s Ship

A research space station – This was developed by the best brains of the time.  When the Red Dwarf crew visited, they found their brainpower was collected by an AI who just wanted to party!

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