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Probably the most critical and seminal sci fi TV show in television history. Ex ‘Danger Man’ star Patrick McGoohan was the British spy who resigned abruptly and without explanation from his job, only to be kidnapped and transported by persons unknown to ‘The Village’, where everyone was known by number – and names were never used. It was the task of Number Two (a different actor each week), to discover why McGoohan (Number Six), resigned in the first place, and whilst Number Six remained persistently tight secretive about his reasons for resignation, so his interrogators would remain silent when asked the question “Who is Number One?”

This show was infuriating, complex, oblique and thought provoking, ‘The Prisoner’ stands, even today, as a perfect example of original and entertaining television story telling, as well as the almost overpowering need of one complexly gifted man to challenge the limits of a too often ephemeral and trivial medium.

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The Prisoner – Overview

An introduction to the Series.  Many people feel that the show is very complicated and difficult to understand.  It isn’t, but there are some intricacies that you should be aware of that will help your enjoyment of the show.


The Prisoner – Characters and Culture

Details of characters from the show and how they are grouped.  The show is set in a small village so this section doesn’t so much deal with cultures as much as types of character.


The Prisoner – Episodes

A list of reviews of the shows.  We have detailed reviews of the first two episodes and a synopsis for now, of the rest.


The Prisoner Sci and Tech

Some wacky 60’s gizmo’s.  There is a lot of strange science n the show.  Some of it (quite a bit) is explained here.


The Prisoner – Purity Test

Test your Prisoner knowledge.  So you think you are a Prisoner expert huh?  – Actually nobody does, but this test will help you gauge if you have the basics enough to chat to someone on the subject at a party.  It will also advise if you should attend those types of parties too.



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