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It’s been said that the internet makes the world a smaller place, I believe that to be true, as before it, we just had to sit quietly while other’s spoke for us, which was the main reason for my last post.
It’s nice to know that despite the stupidness of some of the U.K’s media, that you guy’s don’t take it to heart.
The point that you also would have people who pipe up in these circumstances, is a point I overlooked.
I just don’t think this country has any right to question America’s ability to deal with terrorists, it’s like we are adopting a superior moral stand, when we have absolutely no right to do so.
Of course you would question human rights if somewhere like Albania was involved, but the media of this country doing it seems arrogant.
Apparently one seargent guarding those terrorists put a question to a British journalist at camp X-Ray, he asked how we can criticize when we treated IRA prisoners far worse in the 70’s…which I thought was a pertinent question.
Personally, I’m glad that I can write to tell you that the U.K (for the best part) bears no ill-will over the treatment of the prisoners, and I’m equally glad that you instinctively realise as much.
Maybe I didn’t need to say anything, but I suppose more than anything I’m having a go the people who are writing this rubbish.
Truth is, is that one day we will need the U.S, as this country is too small to take on those who oppose democracy alone.
Anyway thanks for understanding why I wrote in the first place, just had to get it off my chest (although I’m still gonna eat the brains of those responsible…if they have any!!!)

P.S FX, Dwahling, I’ve been a silly cluster lizard, I did a bit of housekeeping on my P.C and inadvertantly wiped details of my password (cleaned out Temp Internet Files), would you be so kind as to e-mail my password for Squish-ums at the following address?…[email protected]
Could you also un-log me so I can log back in.
Luv Squishy