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Without getting too embroiled in a political debate, I found dgrequeen’s last post to be correct in terms of what has happened and the risks that are being taken with the handling of these prisoners.
Let’s not fool ourselves, these people are cold-blooded killers who will not hesitate to kill if given the opportunity.
The U.S was quite right not to award them status of POW’s, doing this means that they cannot be punished fully. As the U.S cannot openly declare war in this instance (as there is no single country to declare war against), these people are regarded as murderers and have committed crimes.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who say’s ’round them up in a field and bomb the *******s’, only that there is amongst them some of the worst and evil examples of mankind.
I think it likely that the U.S intelligence experts will weed out the true monsters from the ones that have been brainwashed into fighting, those who have been ‘brainwashed’ will no doubt serve a jail term, while obviously a more sterner punishment will meted out to those who are unremittant killers.
There have been many from the U.K that have fought for the Taliban and we don’t want them back, they seemed to think that they can go to Afghanistan and fight our soldiers and then come back as if nothing happened.
But I think the other countries have got their backs up because the Geneva convention is not being implemented, and once that happens, you get human rights complaining and then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.
And then of course there is the Anti-American brigade who just feel that America is doing as it pleases as usual, yet these people seem to forget that it could have easily been their relatives on one those flights or in the twin towers, and the people at camp x-ray are the same people who sent the cowards to kill innocent people, as well as attempting to kill Allied soldiers as well as other numerous attrocities.
I will never understand this concept of protecting evil, do the human rights groups actually believe that ensuring their rights will ensure world peace?, they are killers and they won’t change as they believe what they are doing is the will of their god, how can you protect people who know nothing else but death?
But, after all said and done, America has proved that it is treating these people with respect, they are provided Korans and given hot showers and hot meals, for chrissake, the soldiers don’t even get that.
And what be happening now if the roles were reversed?, well I think even the human rights groups know the answer to that.