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Originally posted by FX:
…however, dt is not the only peep here, nor the only person in general, who mistakes familial/friendly intentions for ‘something more’ .

Yes, in the past I have mistaken friendly intentions for something more (and I’m not talking about a television show, sadly ), but this time I think I’ve hit the nail on the head. Ever since I saw Nook I’ve felt that Xev had a thing for Stan. But she won’t admit it, and she’s playing hard to get. Kai is just a handsome distraction. I can tell these things, like I’d known since the pilot of The X-Files that there was something between Mulder and Scully. The first Lexx file I typed tells me part of the reason she messes around with the unresponsive dead guy is to make Stan jealous. I can’t remember how I came to that conclusion, but I wrote it so it’s probably right.

Okay, “Xev” seems to be nicer and more compassionate than Zev. But that sorta changed in the new episodes when they decided to focus more on her Cluster lizard part (with the silly rolling and brain eating and all ). In season 4 the writers turned her into a bimbo, and she’s still got the mean streak from the third season. I really disagree with the statement that the new Zev is a “weak sex kitten” (that was from an angry former Lexx fan at jumptheshark.com). I’d say, all in all, Xev is better than Zev.