A Call for tears

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    mandara k

    As i watch this show, and it is a good show, i am confused by lack of a very human reaction, that is tears. It seems the women like D or Boomer or Starbuck shed them but no men’s tears. What is this machismo BS, men cry! And if they don’t they should, instead of pounding a wall or pounding each other, which keeps us in a circle of violence. I’m not saying ball like a baby but a few tears trickling down the face. I mean they toasted many people, and no tears? Are you frackin’ kidding me?

    Not to get nitpicky, but there are some characters that are so wooden in the emotion department they would prolly crap a cabinet. Some like Lee are very emotional but only in the face, you have to watch the clenching of the jaw to catch his emotion, but Adama, emotional guy, but no tears. Tigh, good candiidate for a drunken sob, but where is that? Billy, well, that would not be good for him, he needs all the balls he can get. Gaeta and Baltar, Gaeta same as Billy, and Baltar, he already acting so loony.

    Some of these actors deliver their lines well but are so wooden, they put the emotions in the lines but not their facial reactions or their movements. Some like Tyrol play anger very well, but that’s all he can do well except for barking orders and a little tenderness, but Boomer is no longer his sweetie. How ’bout total confusion, desperation, a situation you can’t fix, or pound at or charm away. Up a creek with no paddle. Run it through a gamut and up a flagpole from anger to denial to surrender. Fear, real fear, the bone jarring, wild -eyed fear.

    One of the most stirring moments was Roslin’s swearing in, her hand shaking. It was small, might get passed over but VERY HUMAN.

    may be it’s difference in style in acting or people. i listened to the actor playing “Hot Dog” Bodie Olmos on LV rocks and I’m leaning toward style. If it is true the directors and producers let these actors wing a lot, they is stylistic differences galore. Somw are subtle like Bamber’s Lee, some are hit you over the head but lack some emotion. It is amazing when peeps that like one style conflict with another, like this interview. Bodie Olmos is a laid back dude, that like his father and grandfather feel character- driven is most important, This laid back style was lost on one of the interviewers of this LV rocks show that suggested once the interview was over that Mr. Bodie Olmos should take a pill to be more lively. That was not only an insult to Mr. Olmos but not an intelligent statement.

    Not all actors are the same. not all styles are the same, not all people are the same. i would say Bodie and I are alike in that there are times and places for being animated and extroverted and forward and then there are times it is not neccessary, Some peeps give you full on 24/7 and they quickly burn out. He is in it for the long haul, he is an endurance runner, not a sprinter in life.

    Another example is this Grace Park, in the mini DVD she says an actress has to be in shape. That’s a broad statement, not all of them are and were and they do just fine, it is a current notion now of what actors should be but you know this is a trend that the current industry places on it’s faces until one individual or a group of individuals break new ground of not what an actor should be but what an actor really is. Is it not time we get rid of the shoulds and go with what is?


    I disagree with your assessment of the way these actor (male) are playing their roles, and here’s why:

    First of all, most of these people are trained military personnel, and that would suggest a certain amount of reservation and decorum. But when Starbuck is in the medical ward after flying back from what most assumed was death, E.J. Olmos was nearly teary-eyed.

    And the character Apollo is just about ready to bust. His well-manicured rigid exterior is barely capable of containing his strong emotions; Apollo does have the “gift” of being quite Libran, or balanced. That also is helping him to contain himself, though there were several occasions when someone less disciplined would have cracked.

    mandara k

    I’m glad you disagree and i understand that but that stiff upper lip thing, though possibly fine for decorum, and training just isn’t gritty or real. I’m not saying they should ball their eyes out in the CIC but a moment in the camera in a bunk, with a bowed head, one or two tears, quickly wiped away. It’s not much to ask of someone that lost whole families and a way of life. it’s not wimpy for men to cry, in fact I would rather they it do once in a while than pounding a fist into something or someone or taking up a bottle or humping anything in a skirt to deal with pain.

    Yes, we see them close to tears, but none fall. let them fall.

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