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    but better then never!

    Let me say that I’ve never been a hugh Trekkie. Yes there are episodes that I have missed. I believe I’ve seen all of the original shows but not from TNG.

    Last night I saw an episode from TNG that I had never seen before. It had to be the worst Star Trek episode ever!

    Picard and crew pays a visit to a planet that is barren of life….supposely. A small group is trying to terraform the planet. A life form is found on the planet that looks like a little like a penlight. Anyway, to make a long story short, they bring it on the Enterprise where it immediately declares war on the ship.

    How do they fight it? THEY TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!!!!! The creature is afraid of the dark. Of corse it admits defeat and everything in well…..

    bad, bad, bad!!!!!




    Yeah the story was pretty bad, but if it was told in a different way it would have been more plausible, the light entity required light to live, daft…I don’t think so, if the human race was deprived of the sun then we would all die.
    And no one laughs at vampires because they can’t go out in daylight, so knock the story, because of the way it was done, but the premise is sound.


    And Trekkies wonder why people hate Star Trek:TNG so much….


    You Know when you think about it the premise of a lot of shows are just down right silly. Imagine the “new dialog” from the following classics: “Oh Nooo! THE MUMMY IS AFTER US! We had better walk just a little faster.” or

    “Bloody Hell Doctor there’s a Dalek.”

    “Quick! Up that flight of stairs!!!!”


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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