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    I pulled an all nighter, and here it is, the Mutilation Ball reviewand transcript.

    Episode images are up too.

    This episode started off great, but ended on too dry a note. It seems like the writers forgot to how to be lol funny after they arrived on the Snortaline planet.

    With that said, the first half of the show returned to its roots of crude language and sexual humour. Gotta love it!

    What’s your thoughts?



    “Mutilation Ball” was my first Trip, so I can’t compare it to its brethren just yet. But I’ve got a few comments nonetheless.

    When you can (literally) peek past the foreground of computer-generated jubblies, there’s a clever little show going on back there. It’s paradoxically both softer and sharper than “Futurama,” but I think they need to work on balancing that duality. “Futurama” knew how to time the change-ups and the gags better. Hopefully, practice and feedback will help them balance it a bit. Along those lines, I agree the episode lost speed at the end. You’ve got to know when to hit the gas.

    There are some lines that aren’t going to age well (i.e. Martha Stewart’s insider trading), but I think the show will hold up all right if the writers keep it fresh and on its toes (a la South Park). Of course, the Sci-Fi Channel doesn’t have much patience for comedies (“Farscape” and “MST3K” — there’s nothing more dangerous than a bitter MSTie!), so I hope they can survive. The breasts alone should keep it afloat. 😉 More and more sci-fi shows are equipped with airbags these days it seems. Is this sexism or safety consciousness?

    I like the show and will continue to appreciate it as long as they stick to their guns. The characters are fun and the humor is fast and loose. You’ve got to love a show that employs a naked, three-eyed, purple blob as Captain when its so easy to go with the rote Hank Handsome type. I wish them luck.

    Is it me or do there seem to be commercial breaks every five minutes? I wish Sci-Fi would ditch their arty self-promotions and give that time to their shows.


    I’ve now added the character reviews for:
    Commander Adam



    You’ve got to love a show that employs a naked, three-eyed, purple blob as Captain

    Especially one that seems to use his rectum as a general putpose pocket!

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