Aeon’s movie outfit?

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    Were you disappointed with the movie interpretation of Aeon Flux’s signature skimpy outfit? I totally was.


    Totally disappointed. There’s one scene in a commercial when she’s walking away from the camera in a bathing suit/lounging type outfit with a butt so baggy, she looked like my year old nephew wearing a full diaper.

    The attraction aspect isn’t such a big thing for me personally, but the lack of artistic continuity is what gets my goat.


    I thought the cartoon version of the outfit was a little odd and ugly (also not very protective, but oh well). The movie version looks pretty. …however, as I was picking a wallpaper for my computer my 2.5 yr old walked in and exclaimed “Batman!!”


    What he said. I did think the animated one looked more like bondage wear that something that a person fighting would have on. Heck, just being knocked over major portions of the body would be abraded to heck and back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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