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    we already know that faith will be in both buffy and angel so i was wondering who else you would like to see go to the other shows.

    im in the uk so i dont know if this cant happen (im making a couple of asumptions)

    ok asuming angel & conor have repaired their relationship some

    angel, connor and one of the none buffy chrs go to sunydale to sort out the big evil ( i can’t decide who it should be, lorne would be most likely as if both angel and conor are going gunn would hold the fort in la and fred would stay with him. maybe the’ll be a new chr)

    dvive past magic box (repared) and stop to get suplys angel goes in first and stops when he sees buffy

    (from outside)chr “angel havent you tought your son any manners” chr and connor walk in “oh sorry im intruding on your aquward silence, i think we should go take our stuff to the hotel, anyof you guys know where it is?”

    all of the others run off (expet anya she may have to be dragged away i dont think she was around for the buffy angel think)

    buffy “you have a son?”

    angel “he was rased in a hell demention, but hes basicaly a good kid, that girl was she your

    buffy “sister, yeah some monks alted all our memorys so they could hide some key in her”

    angel “oh”

    buffy “um yeah”


    Angel “nice shop”

    anyone got a sceen they would like to see?

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