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    Which episode do you think was the best? The Worst?
    I think Taking the stone was THE worst and the episode were Scorpius takes over Crais’s command carrier was the best.
    Who is your favorite character? Your least favorite character?
    Crais is my most favorite, with scorpius a close second. My least favorite character WAS Dargo but now it is his son, Jothee.


    Ugh you are right about Jothee being stinkie! The season two Finaly was my favorite ep. by far, but I don’t think I have a least favorit yet (give me time I’ll think of one).My favorite person, bar far is Zhaan, I don’t know lol I think it’s just got something to do with women with blue skin By the way did anyone catch this friday’s ep? I sorta slept through it again

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    Thats funny, I was asleep too…but it was the one were Scorpius is introduced…the Aurora chair comes into play, etc One of the best episodes. I have it on tape, among many others since I’m early to bed, early to rise… I think the first of the last 4 episodes was best too, and the last ep cliffhanger.

    Aeryn Crichton

    Well, if I had to pick only one for best episode, I would pick A Human Reaction or the entire Look at the Princess series (sorry, but I can’t narrow it down). My least favorite is probably Taking the Stone or the one where Zhaan is on trial (boring). My favorite character is hard to narrow down. It’s close between John, Aeryn, and Scorpius. And, my least favorite character is definitely Jothee (it used to be Chiana before he came along)!

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    Best would be PK TEC Girl and worst Jeremiah Crichton

    best character would be Chiana (dispite Zhaan having such a nice blue bum) and worst would be the DRD’s (bloody ugly buggers :-), D’Argo would come close second (I hate macho types that look like a cross between an elephant and an orangutang – too funny).

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    Methinks you be mistaken. The DRDs though lacking in character have great potential to be the little guys that get kicked around.

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    Hmm…can’t pick a favorite or least favorite ep but my favorite character is definitly Zhann…she’s been my favorite ever since the episode where that guy called her “soft and weak” and she threw him against the wall and replied “Soft, yes. Weak, no.”
    Don’t like Jothee much though. Everyone else fills a certain role, has qualities the others don’t…Jothee is like more of a plot device than a personality.

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