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    Today’s CNN had this little article:

    ”Apollo-like capsule may replace shuttle” (CLICK)

    Hope that worked, not used to posting at all really!
    yes Sadgeezer is the first ever board I posted on!!!!!Dun dun dah!!

    I think I mentioned elsewhere, I’m a scifi fan whose a bit of a luddite….always had a pc(well since ’93), but never really used the net much til 2001…


    It’s a very interesting article, there were always obvious disadvantages with the shuttle system.

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    Logan : Thanks for the help and info!!!!

    Yes it is interesting, I mean the shuttle was unveiled in 1976!!!!!!
    Took 10 years and $10 billion to design/build.

    This article’s saying the space plane idea won’t be ready in 5-10 years. Doesn’t it seem like they are limiting a lot of options by keeping it a “plane”, I mean I like the idea too. But 5-10 years????

    There’s got to be better ideas more developed out there…did they think they’d use the shuttle forever? I’m not sure what the EU Space Agency is using…hmmm…

    What we need is just to finish the station, fine use capsules to do that, but then we can build ships up there that don’t have to be aerodynamic, for surface take off and landings.

    ‘Course we need some way to get up and down from the ISS, maybe moveable huge elevators???? Yes, sliding back into Science Fiction there….


    I’m like a broken record I know ๐Ÿ˜† But I honestly believe it’s going to take private citizens with an urge to go “where no man has gone before” (sorry couldent resist). When governments see that people can do it faster, cheaper, better, they’re going to want to get in on the action and fast.

    I was hoping this would happen when Americans and Europeans began booking on the Russian Rockets, but that seems to have died out quite a bit =/ If the price dropped to 1,000,000 a person (and I’m sure the Chinese or Russians will oblige soon) then we’re going to see a huge jump in private voyages. I think then people will begin to plan a moon base, based off this.

    There’s sooo much money to be made in this field, if they’d take a 100k I’d go in an instant even if it meant 70-30 chance at dying. It’s something that really only comes along once in a lifetime

    ‘Course we need some way to get up and down from the ISS, maybe moveable huge elevators???? Yes, sliding back into Science Fiction there….

    Naah, you’re smarter than you think having read stuff like that Sidhecafe. Monopole magnets, space elevators, these are things you will likely see in your lifetime(as long as chemistry keeps advancing at the pace it has). But I’m an optomist and assuming we won’t have nuked ourselves in 80 years time. They won’t quite be what you expect, but theories already have been thrown around about using satellites and high-altitude planes.

    Science-Fiction quite frequently becomes Science-Faction, our brains tend to dream about the possible, not the impossible. Probably our most underlooked gift.


    It just struck me, not to get all political, but Space travel is dependant on the development of alternative fuel sources, propulsion generators.

    Which is a bit antithetical to the world’s almost obsession with oil.

    I agree with you, Lexxlurker…it’s not going to be governments who spur the exploration of off-world, or even the oceans for that matter, our unexplored inner space.- (That whole thing about the possible giant squid in Chile that turned out to be a whale. Cthulu? )

    But I also agree with you, if the $$ to go into space I anywhere near had, I would go, regardless of the risk. Even just to look down on the Earth from there…

    Like skydiving but much higher. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I’d do that, HALO jumping but from orbit!!!!!! 8) โ—

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