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    For those that dont live in Canada, theres a new sci-fi show on the air. It just finished Season 1 weeks ago, and its looking like it might be worth watching. While I have only seen the first episode, I find it has a unique angle. Ever since LEXX came out, I tend to pay attention to Canadian production as they dont have the same cookie cutter type formula that most American shows follow.

    IMDB Description.

    Charlie Jade is a rogue private detective in a world dominated by greedy multinational corporations. While on an investigation, Charlie explores a secret desert facility. A massive explosion propels him from his own universe (alphaverse) to a strange parallel universe (betaverse). Soon, Charlie is drawn into a conflict that involves these two universes and one other pacifist universe (gammaverse) with unsuspected terror at its heart. Jeffrey Pierce (Astronauts, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis) plays the title role in Charlie Jade, a new futuristic series produced in association with CHUM Television. The series also stars Michael Burgers and Danny Keogh, and Canadian actors Michael Filipowich, Patricia McKenzie and Tyrone Benskin. Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa, Charlie Jade is a co-production between South Africa and Canada.

    Since I dont live in Seattle so I have no choice but to download it. Season 1 is being shared out on PirateBay. Google it, download it. If you like it, buy the DVD (when it comes out).


    Looks interesting.

    You know, producers are really going to have to look at their business models. Just because something is not shown in our area does not mean we can’t see it anymore.

    Me, I wouldn’t mind popping a couple of bucks to check out stuff, but that seems to be a major no-go for the studios. It may come back to bite them on the hiney.

    Oh, and overpriced too. That is definiately not going to encourge people to be all legal.


    I have no problem paying to see content, it just has to be affordable for me. Right now the video iPod is selling TV shows at 2$ per episode, for American shows (22-24 episodes per season) that’s almost 50$ per season + tax. What do you get? A low resolution, 2 channel audio episode with DRM. At that price, you might as well wait for high resolution 5 channel DTS audio DVDs. Of course it still depends on the price. Stargate SG1 will run you 40-50$ per season which I would consider affordable. Where as Star Trek is 100$!? LOL! F-that!

    I don’t want to encourage piracy, but some studios make it really hard for consumers to do the right thing. The fact that they are fleecing us in its infancy tells you how it’s going to be 5-10 years from now. Just because people are willing to pay 400$ for an iPod is no excuse to charge high prices for low quality content.

    If we all made 100k a year, it wouldnt be a problem. But I barely make 26k with inflation eating up the pay raises I earn.


    Well after watching the entire first season, I can probably say that this show will probably be aired soon in youre neighborhood.

    This is a very good show, parts of it give off a creepy ‘Blade Runner’ feel to it. There seems to be very few good guys, mostly bad guys and moderates trying to do the right thing. The final episode pretty much sets things up for a second season.

    The Alphaverse (dark and polluted but technically advanced) is dominated by a company known as Vexcorp, the CEO and his son aparently have an ability to travel to Betaverse (world much like our own) and Gammaverse (plush sancturary). They do this without the aid of technology. So the CEO sets up a reactor in the other two universes and attempts to create a doorway/link to them in which many Vexcorp employess have traveled through. The goal is to rape both Beta and Gamma of their natural resources.

    Charlie Jade is following after the CEOs son ’01 Boxer’ and in a terrorist explosion at the reactor, Charlie is thrown into the Betaverse along with the terrorist from Gamma.

    Most of the season deals with Charlie’s problem, in that he can see into the other universes, but the stress gives him painful headaches. Eventually he learnes that he too can travel through parallel worlds much like 01 Boxer and his father (CEO of Vexcorp) can. About halfway through, you find out theres a memo detailing the problems about linking the three universes and how it will eventually destroy them in a blink of an eye. From there its a race to stop Vexcorp from bringing the reactors online and linking all 3 universes. The entire season takes place over a period of several months, taking place mostly in Alpha & Beta Universes of Cape Town Africa.

    Can Charlie stop Vexcorp? Just who are the enemy of his enemies? Whos a good guy? Who are the bad ones? Who are his friends?

    This is a very unique sci-fi show that will most likely air on Sci-Fi Channel or on SkyTV very soon. As much as I dont like the way Sci-Fi Channel operates, I can see them picking up Charlie Jade for its second season.

    On a side note, the actor who plays Charlie Jade, has that Ben Browder (Farscape/Stargate SG1) look and feel, which im sure will work well with the ladies.

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