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    mandara k

    Um….. it’s better because the writing is tighter; it isn’t as a critic says ASS like the rest of it.

    It’s dark but well written so the questions about the ethical situations posed are more in the foreground; not the return to ships; not the suicide bombers (which BTW i think they should have been left out and some other theme developed. )

    The Baltar dream sequence was hilarious! ANd LOOOVE the day bed. And so true, “you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry… ooh yeah you don’t want to go there.”

    AM i afraid Moore’s boss killing karma will off me? 😆

    I’m not afraid to die; when life is shit; you’re open to many possibilities; but i love life too; not neccessarily HOW other perceive me because that doesn’t matter, I love life because it’s life; it’s exciting, it’s beautiful, and it’s ever-changing.

    I want to spend every minute of it because of the rush.

    I would choose an Adama death or a Gaeta death, not a Jammer death.

    I owe no explanation to anyone; loyalty is earned not given because association.

    I don’t rely on ANYONE, nor do I ride to my “fifteen minutes of fame” on another’s coattails.

    It’s not from whom you marry, Yoko, you have to be self-reliant… otherwise if your man is no longer there; you’ll fall apart.

    I’d say pissy, is more likely than feisty now. It’s not cute anymore, and it’s derogatory. “I’ve been in the industry for x amount of years.” So? I’ve been studying to be a Buddha for many lifetimes and I’ll be around a lot longer than you.

    You have one lifetime i think you believe and you are pissy about making sure you are lauded as the imaginer’s wife and you are in the know? 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Go play house little girl; and um WHERE’S RUBY? You know your predecessor?

    When you can come clean about that…. then you made a step.


    The Baltar dream sequence was hilarious! ANd LOOOVE the day bed. And so true, “you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry… ooh yeah you don’t want to go there.”

    Just keep the baby away from her and it’ll be alright. Remember the begining of the series? 😀

    mandara k

    Just keep the baby away from her and it’ll be alright. Remember the begining of the series?

    The truth in that is that the baby is one of “theirs” or 1/2 theirs which gives it a stronger glowing/glowing spine?

    Yup, us and them thinking. We are ignorant boobs that turn on a TV set like zombies and are controlled by suits who have wives that push that down our throats so whatever we say on these boards means squat.

    And ya wonder why this civilizatiion is in decline.

    No matter, tyrants and their henchmen always get stuck in the end.

    That’s why it’s good to have boards not run by a corporation . “Do not remain in the seat of power too long.”

    Why? Because we in victory we can sow our seeds of defeat just as we can sow seeds in defeat for our victory.

    This is such the case of BSG. Because of loose lips which sink ships, the seeds of defeat are sown. But we are such in the “now” people, we don’t see this,well most of us 😉

    Anything against the hearts and minds of the people will fail; and anyone that advocates that gulf of “us and them” will ultimately fail in life as well.

    Dementia will take the daughter as well.

    And for X-prod it is good to remember this. Your cycle will soon be complete, after your victorious return to your alma mater; you must have new challenges, you must renew yourself because history a has many examples of men and women whom, after defeating those who wrong them in the past, and consequently rose to great heights were snuffed out in the end because they had achieved what can be called their “comeback” and restored their name.

    You must maintain your “seeking spirit” you must not let the suits or your wife kill that in you. If you do, your defeat is assured.

    If I know nothing else, if you let “them” kill this yearning to understand, yearning for what is right and good for all; not just execs not just your wife and family; you would have failed in your quest to be an outstanding individual.

    Those of earthly power look at me with askance, but the earth is not the best place in the universe. Again you have to have faith; but we are not alone in the universe; and there are much better places to live life; in fact the universe is a place teeming with life; it wants to create.

    Or look at it in a Christian view, “It is easier fir a camel to enter the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter heaven.

    Jesus constantly berated others about not giving into their selfish desires and to seek “The Way”.

    I would say this woman, dear heart to the X-prod, pushes an idea held by many in her “industry” that has been going on for centuries.

    Call her the Romans, we are the peons of the Empire. But Rome did end… just as they will end… and this being a faster moving reverse telescoping time in human history, we will not have to wait centuries for this downfall.

    The seeds are already here: your keyboard plants these seeds.

    The execs /suits all see this; they know we no longer sit in front of a TV; they want to maintain their hold; but it’s like trying to hold on to sand; the sand running through their fingers is the sand in the hour glass flipped over for their demise.

    So pick your side, will it be the suits who care nothing for you; or is it your fellow poster; who answers you in small boards like this one.

    I’d vote for the latter! 😆

    mandara k

    Which leads us back to collaborators. if we maintain this “us and them” philosophy or as now on skiffy okayers and naysayers who are the collaborators?

    Those like the Cylons that have no regard for the people. So in essence the lines are being drawn; those that work with the suits and their ancillary family who advocate not listening to fans yet feel they must inform us we don’t matter unless we follow the okay status; are in essence the Cylons; we are the true fleet.

    And again a quandry for an artist develops which is good for the artist for a true artist must have these gray areas in which to work; to create.

    They must have this conflict: the being and what wishes to be so that with their own style and inspiration they can bring into being what was not there previously or to bring into focus that which is shadowy and not clear.

    If you lock-step (thank you for whom ever used this term on other boards) with what you know we have what is now. Those of the suit industry praising your every move, “criitcal appeal” but loss in fans watching because you speaka a language that is only true to your little circle; it’s not universal.

    Sooner or later that will kill the show.

    If you lean towards fans too much, then you have a mess as well.

    The key is and always will be balance.

    It’s the “smoking in my office flaunting rules because I can’t at home and I can’t here until its to the point ya just thumb your nose at rules” mentality that sets us free.

    This is what free people do, they weigh the pros and cons of any situation and make decisions; they get informed, then they make up their own minds.

    Artists look at society rules and the rules and expectations pushed on them and then they not only question them, they bend them when they can.

    So in essence an artist needs both groups … a yin and yan, a light and dark from which to create.

    I am one side of this, and change to fit the other side to maintain the balance. At times, the light, and times the dark; all for the same purpose to maintain balance and to keep the portal of creativity swirling in thick fogs of gray; just as the brain is swirling patterns of gray matter.

    And I do like an occassional mind frack; like to deliver them; like to receive them; a “mind 69” as it were.

    I want more of those. 😈

    mandara k

    The only thing really enjoyable out of this was that composer’s variations on Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

    Here’s the version of Beethoven I could find.

    Enough already with ripping off other movies; The Minority Report, Andromeda Strain, AND Kubrick. I’d sue for intellectual property rights over them.

    How hard is it to come up with new; really? I do all the time; I lack the skills to get it down;the ideas come and go so quickly.

    🙄 🙄 Is there a single original thinker out there? Huh? no wonder that hollywood will roll into the sea one day.

    I’m wasting my breath; they don’t care until our whole life is full of the same ideas circulating like stale air in a bar.

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