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    I tried to log in on your site, and it wouldn’t let me in. What do I do?

    Vandevere *Back from a three0week trip and a computer malfuncion right after that…*



    Try lowering your security/privacy settings in “internet options” in the “control panel”. And don’t forget to rasie them when you finish with the site!



    [quote=”Vandevere”]I tried to log in on your site, and it wouldn’t let me in. What do I do?[/quote]

    If enabling cookies doesn’t work, ask yourself this, “What would Number 6 do?”

    Very good to see you around here again, Vandevere, and hope your trip went well, but as a general rule, please try to keep your topics on-topic as much as possible… Can ask members any questions, but at least try to directly refer to The Prisoner or people in The Prisoner in your discussion topic as well.

    Welcome back, despite any difficulties, hope Village life hasn’t been too hard.




    Excellent! It seems Vandevere wishes to return to our little Village! 8)

    You can post [url=]here[/url] without being logged in. Tell me what error message you get, if any, and I can usually narrow down the problem. Most often it’s cookies, but not always.


    Dear Logan,

    Since it’s an OT thread, I have a TV Guide from the 70’s with a preview of Logan’s Run, the series. Would you like a scan? It came with an article on Rafferty, which starred Patrick McGoohan, who appeared in The Prisoner. Oops! back on topic! ๐Ÿ˜€




    I most certainly would. Thanks, Pet! ๐Ÿ˜€



    Limited time only: Here we are!




    An interesting bit of memorabilia, thanks for that, Pet. Your scan has found sanctuary on my hard drive. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I figured runner 5 might appreciate a little help from action-man 6 since the sandman’s looking a little sleepy…


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