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    I’m posting this because I read the post about James Doohn, and I remembered Ronnie Barker.

    The guy was a legend (and I gues still is). I was wondering what everybody thought about him and favourite moments.

    Mine was the 2 Ronnies mastermind sketch. Although he was not the focus, he demonstrates his talent for writing and the sketch is performed admirably by Ronnie Corbett. Who would have thought that answering questions out of sequence could be so funny until you hear the answers to the questions

    A trubute to a great comedian and a great man 😀

    (by the way, I have a happy emoticon because I choose to remember him as a funny man and the fact that even though I know he is dead, when I see him on TV I can still laugh at his routines)


    I remember him from ‘Open all Hours’

    He was pretty good. But why I wonder was he known by so many names?

    The IMDB says Sometimes Credited As:
    O.B.E. Ronnie Barker
    Jonathan Cobbald
    Bob Ferris
    David Huggett
    Ronnie Barker O.B.E.
    Gerald Wiley

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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