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    Today, RDW can announce details of the new TORDFC venture for the annual conference, Dimension Jump.

    Jump over to RDW ( for the full run-down on what promises to be an exciting prospect!

    -Tafka @ RDW-

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    If you want all the latest, latest news on DJ:IX I suggest you go to or our good buddies (but they’re only going to send you to us!)

    I’m one of the convention organisers so if you have any queries, ask away!

    Of course…I may not actually *answer* them

    Ruth – TORDFC


    It’s looking GREAT! Ruth!

    When do you expect to get Craig Charles to confirm (you’ve got all the others plus!!)

    and I probably shouldn’t say this, but RD fans (especially long standing ones) on the net have a reputation for being a little acidic and ‘cliquey’. The Dimention Jump isn’t like that, I know. But maybe you (as an organiser) could briefly mention how easy it is to get tickets and how welcome people are made to feel at the DJ event.

    For instance, do you have to be a member to go?

    I’ve heard so much good stuff about it – just want to make sure that people get the right impression of what a wonderful event it is.


    For some strange reason, Tafka’s site is down (11/Oct/2001) Does anyone know why?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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