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    I read a story a while back about a girl that takes a recreational drug that lets you step away from your self and let another you take over. The story talks about how your brain is like a parliment and that there are many people inside this parliment that take care of the running of the body and this drug sort of makes the prime minister (you) take a vacation and one of the other palrimentary members takes over running your body for a while. The downside is that if you take the drug to many times the the prime minister (you) doesn’t return and the new leader stays in power and although this new leader has all the memories of the original leader they are not the same person. They know who everyone is, such as their parents and friends but they know them as the original you’s parents and friends.

     The story is routed in the time it takes your you to come to a decisions about something. It has to do the time it takes you to come up with a decision such as pick up a glass of water compared to the time it takes to actualy do it. 

    It is as if you have already decided to get the glass and then think of getting it. 

    Like the pariliment has come to a decision and told you the prime minister that you want a glass of water and while telling the prime minister there is a another set of orders being sent to the body to get the glass of water.


    I hope this give people a good descriptiono f the sotry i am talking about.


    If anoyone knows which story i am talking about i would appriciate them telling me what it is called and who the author is.



    Second Person, Present Tense by Daryl Gregory?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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