Dr Who’s 50th BBC celebrates with a show

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    Auntie Beeb has been planning a special show called, An Adventure in Space and Time, which is intended to dramatize how Doctor Who first got started. The geezer who will play (arguably the greatest ever Dr Who) William Hartnell, will be played by the Hogwarts crusty caretaker, David Bradley.

    I think that’s a great bit of casting and I honestly can’t wait to see the show. Surely the Beeb will put a little extra effort into a show celebrating guilty delights of millions of Dr Who fans all over the world. Whatever you may think of the show at the moment, most have seen it in one form or another since 1962, Some of us oldies for most of that time.

    I wonder if it will be a bit of a documentary, fly on the wall type of thing or will they just narrate it’s beginnings – many of the first episodes were lost! Will they pay homage to the people for instance, who wrote the theme tune (Ron Grainier and Delia Derbyshire) or the set designers, or the laughingly small budget that Dr Who commanded for it’s firth 20 years. Maybe they could explain why successive Dr Who’s have become softer and softer – William Hartnell was a cantankerous old git!

    Ah whatever, I can’t wait!

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