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    ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen: Dragon Con does have a Con Suite and it will be operating in 2003. What is a Con Suite you might ask? Well as I understand it from theBrother, a Con Suite is a room when one can snack on someone else’s dime. Providing of course they are not real picky about what they snack on.

    Huh?!? Exactly what I said. Let us turn to the theBrother and seek his wisdom. Since he has been going to conventions for literally decades he is my resident expert on all things of this nature. Anyhow, according to theBrother, for some reason hotels and parents become upset when the younger poorer guests spend all their money on stuff and then get sick or fall out from hunger. Not that such behavior is solely confined to the younger crew, but most older people have at least one piece-o-plastic to fall back on, once they have expended their ready cash. Also, hotels do not like to see people lounging all over the hallway floors munching on smuggled in goodies. It is messy and does not do anything for their image don’t ya know. It is also a place for someone to go and spend a bit of time when they stumble up to their room late at night and find their roommate is …. busy. I mean what else are you going to do? Make a scene? Hotel Management doesn’t like that. Join in? Not always an option. Tell your roomie he has 30 minutes and then go grab a snack and swap inconsiderate roommate stories with the late night snackers? Ah that’s the ticket!

    Therefore…. Con Suite! A place where the poor, the cheap, the people who gamed til the restaurants closed and the temporarily displaced can grab a bite to eat and hear a freindly word. They also can bring their own smuggled munchies here, get something to drink and eat in peace and fellowship. Did you know that most hotels frown upon people bring their Mikey D bag into the bar with them. Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyho…. to defray the cost of the Con Suite, most of them ask for donations from various snack food and soda companies. Who of course say… Sure! I mean, what better way to gain a life long customer than to have some poor starving soul wolfing down your product thinking that this is the best thing they have had since…… when was the last time they had stopped to eat?? This morning? Yesterday? Monday?? God is this Twinkie good!

    This years menu at Dragon Con consists of SPAM, Cheesecake, Buffalo Wings, SPAM, Apple pie, Ice cream, SPAM, Moonpies, Twinkies, SPAM, Ding Dongs, Hot dogs, SPAM, cocktail weenies, Teryiaki SPAM, dumplings, donuts , SPAMโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..you get the idea. Oh, and apparently PEPSI.

    How does one find a Con Suite at a convention you ask? Well you could just follow the hollow eyed, gaunt figures shambling down the hall, or…. ask at the convention information desk ๐Ÿ˜€ Spam ahoy!

    Don’t forget, the Dragon Con Raffle still needs to sell a few more tickets. Please check it out!

    mandara k


    It sounds divine; and a good idea; I’d be school marm monitor if I wasn’t injured and could go to DC..

    It should be a lot of fun, it was when we went last year… I’d like to encourage people to go. We were a tiny group but we managed to have a good time; lots of costumes and at times lack of them to peruse. Even if LEXX is not your bag but you post here you should come to see the Con.


    Hi Frey,
    Thanks for the info about what’s going to be at this yr’s Dragon*Con’s Con Suite; it reminds me of Gally’s Con Suite, except for the Peanut Butter & Jelly. It sounds like they’ll have a lot of goodies & such for people to nibble on throughout the weekend, so they don’t have to go to find a place to eat. I’ll do what I usually do at conventions, eat a big breakfast in the morning, take my pill in the afternoon & eat dinner at the Con Suite, unless someone asks me to go to dinner with him. Spam-wich, now, you’re making me hungry, Frey, but hey, I won’t be on my program, so I can splirge a little.
    Thanks again for the Con Suite info.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz ๐Ÿ˜‰

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