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    Join a Podcast they said, have fun they said meet nice people…

    and what do i get ? lumped with the show notes 😛

    charming just charming!


    [u]Sadcast episode 1 show notes:[/u]

    Sad geezer introduces the panel

    The latest on the news situation > The Panel Discuss [b]Doctor Who [/b]series 2

    Hedgehog talks about > [b]Battlestar[/b] spin off “[b]Caprica[/b]” and “[b]Hunters of Dune[/b]”

    Film Chat: The panel talk about [b]Final Fantasy Advent Children [/b]and Martin Scorseses [b]Frankenstein[/b]

    Lexxrobotech gives an update on the South Africa sci-fi scene

    The Frey reports that businesses have discovered there’s money in sci-fi

    NewKates’ Anime update > [b]Ergo Proxy[/b] review and “[b]Earth Sea[/b]” movie in production

    Kato wants your [b]top ten sci-fi monsters[/b], email her kato@sadgeezer.com

    Mike talks animation > [b]Lots of Robots[/b]

    Closing Comments



    nice notes….

    nice meeting you….

    you seem nice….

    Although that’ll change once you do more production notes..bwahahahahahah!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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