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    Been informed from the Firefly: Immediate Assistance that the show will be pitched to the SciFi channel. 20th Century Fox may pitch it as a mini-series or two hour movie.

    UPN has made the decision that it will not buy it.

    On a personal note, I’m not sure how I feel about that decision. It would be good to actually see the story be picked up… but it’s a gerbil infested network that hasn’t treated science fiction or the fans with the utmost respect in the past. *shrug* Irony, hate the network, love the show. I hate irony.


    Latest News from

    The Sci Fi Channel announced yesterday that it will not be picking up Firefly.

    At this point, Firefly’s production companies (20th Century Fox Television and Mutant Enemy) are pursuing what avenues they believe are available. These avenues, however, would not benefit from the targeted mailing we’ve been using so far.

    We’ll release information on Firefly’s status as it becomes available to us.

    Our goal as of today is to keep the Firefly fandom visible. On this front, a committee of fans are organizing a charity project to donate Brown Coats to various organizations throughout North America.

    More information on the coat drive will be presented over the next twenty-four hours.

    Additionally, IMMORTAL will be organizing a webpage devoted to fan-driven media awareness. This includes “Watch with Wanda” chats, advertising, and Soraya’s sign on The Today Show.

    The Firefly: Immediate Assistance Store will be closing on January 31. Order now to get shiny stuff and contribute to the Children’s Miracle Network!

    One group of fans is hoping to propose a direct-to-DVD subscription model to the show’s production companies. If you would be interested in subscribing to such a series, please email your contact information, demographics and the top price you’d be willing to pay per episode to [email protected].

    Bah, humbug.

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