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    Now I would be the first to admit, that I am not poetry fan; so here me out if you’re a little dubious.

    Last night, I went and saw (do you see a poetry reading, hear a poetry reading, or witness a poetry reading?) a poetry reading from one of my old English lit. teachers. Mainly I went for support, because he’s a very nice guy, got me an A in GCSE English, but roger me senseless with an ergonomic keyboard! 😯 He really writes well!

    So finally coming to the point of all of this, he’s a really nice guy and he deserves for his book to do well so please if you see it, or can rustle it up in any way shape or form, here are the details:

    Title: “Dark Hill Dreams”
    Author: Steven O’Brien
    ISBN: 0-902400-79-7
    Publisher: Agenda Editions.

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