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    mandara k

    I was checking on tickets….. I found out the ticket office is open from 8AM to 11pm Friday… I recommend getting there early because this a huge turnout; it’s a record turnout according to the pleasant gentleman named Matthew. I asked why he thought it was a record this year. He mentioned that Ray Bradbury was coming who had been too ill to attend for many years; there is a unofficial reunion for Bab 5 and members of the show “the Tribe” too. Chekov and Sulu are expected. We then talked about all the stormtroopers that showed last year and the Geogie Lucas lookalike last year. Parade on Sat and Masquerade on Sun night.

    If any Lexx peeps are left for the masquerade Sun night and not in costume we should sit together so we can scream loud for the judging!

    May be we can call to attention there is a Lexabration goin’ on too!
    Doesn’t hurt to try!

    Oh, and if I book at the Zuper 8 and anyone else is there we should hook up by hotel as to kinda watch over each other…. make sure everyone is getting to what they want to see, gets fed, etc..
    If anyone is interested i will be Den Mother for the Super 8 which is a few blocks away…. I won’t interfere with what you want to do… I’m just the message girl about meeting in one place for meals etc…
    Unless there is another better idea for those of us not staying at the Marriot etc…. i can try to get maps, and eating places outside the convention etc… let me know.

    mandara k

    💡 Oh and peeps I can be the off-center partycenter for those after hours …..that is if you don’t trash the room and I don’t have to toss you out because of necking with life sized dolls or bringing farm animals…. 😈 you get my drift. If i can get to the store I’ll pick up the snacks and refreshments. I’ll try to remember to bring some tunes and something to play them on…. if no one is interested that okay… I’ll just sleep it off….. 😉


    Do I detect just a hint of excitement? 😉 I’m so very pleased you’re going Mandara…you will be a huge help, having been there last year. The facilities are so intricate… the labyrinth of Daedalus…wouldn’t want any Lexxians missing their forums ’cause their lost!

    mandara k

    Well I’ll be helping the best I can…. I remeber the HardRock best; and walking up Peachtree and have the guys want to have conversations in the middle of night; yeesh. But it’s all good… I found out where I can seel some stuff if I get short on cash 😯

    I think I will throw myself an Un birthday; since I did not really get one last year due to the flu… we’ll see if anyone shows. I’ll stock the tub. 😀


    😀 Cool, I am staying at the Marriot Fairfield Inn and I am wanting to attend anything and everything Lexx! My mom is staying with me too so I would offer to party in my room but she might be a bit of a buzzkill 🙄 Anyway, I sure dont wanna get lost and miss out on critical Lexxian stuff


    I also don’t want to miss out on any of the great Lexx stuff planned for that weekend; may be, if we’re staying in the same hotel, you & I can walk to & from the hotel; & if not, may be we can walk to our hotels together.
    I’ll be making my flight & hotel reservations in the middle of next month, so I’ll let you know then.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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