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    mandara k

    I was away from the BSG and computers for a while; and then I got it back… and went back to BSG podcasts. Now I ask myself ….why?

    I mean, the writers podcasts; like listening to paint dry which is worse than watching it.

    Wa hoo…. the Royal Navy; The only navy your new target audience knows about or shows interest in is “Old Navy”

    I then started tuning out. you know looking through my desk; looking at other sites, etc….

    One lone chick in the whole room and she says very little; I’d be all up in their koolaid saying golly gee boys; let’s just make a complete war show; like “Over There” or “Combat” 🙄


    Look, just like little boys get together and pick up sticks and pretend they are guns and play soldier; this writer group is ultra military; i mean over the top military.

    I’d be snoring…. or reading a book; or say “when you’re done playing war little ones; we can talk about something else.”

    ANd i think i figured out why this writing is tanking; not only too much military; which shows very little variation; but too many ideas; crammed into the eps; so you get shots at cross purposes and nothing goes into detail enough because of time constraints and those you get to see get are a lot of rushed work that is incoherent if you just watch it without watching the arcs previously and are really migraine- causing if you are a newbie watcher.

    For example, the writers meeting in Scar was set in the general premise of “A pilot’s life for me” theme; then we brought in the Kara thing, and the shooters on the belly, which I believe i glazed over watching it; cause we get it “wild party” The flash forwards and cutbacks would drive me as a newbie to grab my piece of plastic quickly and switch to mind-numbing TV.

    Too much….. this is how I’d run the show; t comes down to I have A “dream for an ep” it stays MY dream; if you write it don’t be putting your pet ideas in; cause i’ve got a red pen and i know how to use it.


    Keep it simple stupid; variable and loose but simple
    You have 44 minutes only to tell a story for a week. Make it simple to begin with then add.

    SO the writers play off Dowl then the quality of writing has to speak directly to him; his credibilty.

    No amount of podcasts and freebie cast stuff can buoy up a show with bad writing decisions; you know that.

    I believe they took the time before; now they just go with the first idea thrown out and minimally work it up.

    bad move… and man, get some women in your writing room that don’t mewl. Bring your wife! She’s such an expert ;well the Six thing confuses her but you know when it comes to “other lovely women and spouses” you can expect a smidge of selective memory lapses. 😉 😛

    mandara k

    I guess it truly shows that I just don’t care about this show anymore which is a freeing experience for me! Agan i tried listening to the roundtable and I kept going backwards and forwards and could not keep my interst up so i finally shut it off.

    I thnk that means I’m shutting the whole thing out of my mind and ready to move on to other thoughts.

    Like on the edge on unexplored space; it’s exciting to me; what next show will catch my interest; what new ideas will flood through my nutter brain; I’m giddy with the thought and so relieved.

    It was fun Dowly but the party’s over. Good luck there; and um I feel sorry for your .8; but it’d just a show, right? You can snap your fingers and get any gig you want, right? You’ll find true happiness without working on this, correct; just hangin’ at home with the wife, right?

    Get used to it; no longer 95% at home but a 100% and um…. you know it’s kinda funny that fame thing how it dries up quickly once the magic leaves. And a quick dive when you hurt someone that tried to help you; you are a common thief and not an upstanding person like i once thought. Now don’t get me wrong; i don’t hate you or the show; I’m indifferent now; it’s just a show.

    No spring revivval for me, I took the other fork at the crossroads and you cannot come.

    Thanks for listening; have a good life.

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