Is there much to uncensor?

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    I know the DVDs of TTR will be uncensored, but was there really that much to uncensor? I haven’t seen every single episode, but I never saw black bars over Six’s nipples or anything, so I’m not sure there is a whole lot of good stuff to be uncensored. Hopefully the DVD will have lots of extras of Six naked. I’m sure the 3D animators made her that way first and then put clothes on her later anyways.

    mike20599 wrote:

    …Hopefully the DVD will have lots of extras of Six naked…

    Who cares about Six? Let’s see some more T’Nuk! ๐Ÿ˜†

    I believe they edited several sex scenes… The DVD should be more Sixually explicit. The sex scenes should be longer in the DVDs.

    Anyone like to see possibly previously edited scenes of T’Nuk and Whip whippin’ it froggy-style? I expect that would be a sight that only a horny toad would enjoy.


    Really… what is gonna be different?


    I don’t know all the details personally, but here goes; Some scenes were cut from earlier episodes, either for content or time. The first scene from the series was cut because it appeared almost like a rape scene. Adam on Six, and Bobo on T’Nuk. This was also the scene where Adam’s fingers is cut up by Six’s vagina.

    Some other scenes were cut due to legal issues, copyrights etc. I’d be surprised to see these ever released.

    Other edited items, include some phallic symbols, nipples (although I doubt these can be uncensored), and of course language.

    In all not too much was censored, beyond language. But I’d really like to get an uncesored copy of Bob saying “You’ve got fucking mail”.


    So just when will this DVD set from heaven be available? I can hardly wait!


    Yes, I myself would prefer a less inhibited portrait of six.

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