Just bought a 1 dollar DVD at Target.

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    I just bought a Dollar DVD at target. (actually bought 2. This one and 10 of the old SuperMan animated cartoons)

    It is called “Space Adventures”.

    2005 PC Treasures, INC

    Rocky Jones, Space Ranger – Episodes Escape into Space and Kip’s Private War.


    Flash Gordon- The Lure of Light, The Subworld Revenge.

    Does any Lexx heads have this DVD?

    The Flash Gordon in this DVD is like nothing I have ever seen before. It featured some very unknown American Actors and the rest were West Germans. Episode “Subworld Revenge” resembles one of the Lexx Episodes too well.

    Forgive me for not taking the time to look up the Lexx episode.. It is the one where Stanley gets sick because he needs hair conditioner. The planet is where the Human shells go to die or stay undead.. whatever.

    In the Subworld Revenge there is the Evil guy and his henchman that look very much like the Hair guy on the Planet and his henchman looks very much like the Zombies. Could Donovan have seen this strange West German / US production of Flash Gordan?




    Yes, we saw those. Interesting.

    I also ran across Boxed sets of DVD’s at Herringtoncatalog.com they have 50 movies per set for 24.95. These are all ooooooooold movies, They have horror, Westerns, gunslingers, chilling, war classics, martial arts, action, suspense, musicals and sci-fi. Granted the Sci-fi ones are like this….

    • Sci-Fi— 50 Sci-Fi fantasies include the classic Hercules Unchained (Steve Reeves); The Atomic Brain (Bradford Dillman); Blood Tide (James Earl Jones); Killers From Space (“Fury’s” Peter Graves!); Colossus and the Amazon Queen (Rod Taylor); Bride of Gorilla (Raymond Burr): and the unforgettable Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women, starring the equally unforgettable Mamie Van Doren.

    these are being marketed as Work Out DVD. Something to look at while you exercise that doesn’t involve channel surfing.


    its big but that is what the lexx fans want right?

    check this out:



    Shiney. Very shiney.


    Lexx fans want MORE Lexx!

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