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    Since we are in that weird boring down time between events, I will toss this out for everyone to think about and work on until the Christmas rush hits. ;D After that, of course we will all be balls to the walls doing the Yule thing.

    People may also want to consider working with a buddy, like Lubka and I did on the “What’s is not to like” design. Lu is a great artist, and I did the slogan and concept work. I think our collaboration turned out pretty good. ;D

    Several things were not done last year due to time constraints that kinda crept up on everyone. So I would like to get this up and running early so that the designs and all will be finished and holding til time to release them. Also several people have expressed a wish that gear availability is timed to be not so close to DC. Some people could not afford the gear they wanted due to last minute trip expenses. What do you peeps think? Was that really a problem for people?

    I don’t think we need to have a contest in 2004, since Cafe Express has no problem handling multiple designs. It was a bit more expensive than previous years but… we were able to have a wider range of designs and products. Also everyone got their stuff much quicker without us chaining a poor Lexxian to a t-shirt press for weeks on end and making them trudge to the post office every other day. So I would say the Café idea worked excellently well. You got an idea or design for 2004? Send it on! email it to mailto:[email protected]?subject=t-shirt

    DragonCon 2004 General guidelines – it must be designed to work on a white surface, must say Lexx, DragonCon, Atlanta, 2004 and have the date of 9-6/9-9 on it in some configuration.

    You can see some of last years stuff by going to the lexxfanclub.com site and clicking on LexxUSA


    Hi Frey,
    I thought it was close, but I thought that since I received my t-shirts & mug so quickly, I didn’t think it was a problem. I don’t send much when I’m home anyway; I really like what I received & plan on wearing my t-shirt when I can, but not right now, I’d catch pnemonia.
    I do have a couple of ideas for next yr’s design; but I probably won’t get to it til after I finish cleaning up my room & writing letters to friends & family that don’t have e-mail; I’ll also be crafting again in the afternoons as soon as I’m done cleaning my room.
    As soon as I can, I’ll be making a thread, telling about how I’m creating my Keyeo costume for next yr’s Dragon*Con (after cleaning my room); then how I made both my brace & wigs, for my Keyeo costume.
    I’ll write you a letter soon. 🙂

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉


    Hi Frey.. I loved the designs at Cafe Express this year. Unfortunately, as a Canadian without a credit card I wasn’t able to order anything because international orders can only be paid for with plastic- my only complaint. 🙁


    Hummm, no Credit Card huh? So I imagine that puts a kabosh on Paypal also?

    Hummm, I am sure that can be fixed. Do they ship to Canada? If so, perhaps we could have soemone with a cc you could send you check and order to. Then once the check clears they could place the order with the CAN address. Small orders…. ones not over 40.00 lest they rouse the wrath of the customs and incure duties.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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