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    Lost, while the drama may not be sci-fi, the weird stuff in the show looks (or sounds) sci-fi esque to me.

    I was wondering if anybody could post their views on the show because apparently the season premiere broke channel4 (UK) records for viewers. From that, it sounds like it will far surpass the viewing figures for desperate housewives (great show, plus I lived with 3 gals last year so it was mandatory viewing)

    I think that it is a great show. There is so mutch about it that I want to talk about it, but I don’t want to spoil it for shose who haven’t seen it (it is part of the experience)

    For those who don’t know it, it is about sirvivers of a terrible air crash, who are trapped on an island with somthing there, somthing very very bad.

    The eppisode that shows Mr Locks life was the one I’ve just seen and WOW, it all seemed strange, what was he always on about, why was he spooky and thinking about miracles. But then at the end it all makes sense, and you see the first scene again and suddenly understand it, hair raised on the back of the neck stuff!


    Sorry for replying to my own post (well comto tinki about, actually I’m not) but why does nobody want to talk about what is (IMHO) the best new drama on TV? (UK anyway)


    Hmm. I just novticed this post now. We were having some problems with the board last week.

    Lost is a good show. Hi quality and lots of stuff to keep the audienace watching. In the states, Desperate Housewives gets better ratings, but Lost is still one of the top rated shows on tv.

    I probably shoulsn’t sy much else, sicne you haven’t seen the whole first season. Spoilers will kill the show for the viewer!

    I’d like to point out that they clainm to have an explanation for everyting on the show and all its mysteries. I however am skeptical of that. Especially since Alias, another JJ Abrams show, consistantly makes things up as they go along.

    The first Loch flashback epsiode was a tear jerker.

    Incidently I considered doing a guide for Lost, but maintaining it would just be so. much. work! The show is very involved, with all sorts of subtle details that need to be added and reviewed every week. Too much work.


    Firstly, thanks for not posting spoilers, they do ruin things.

    I agree that it is definately inolved show, amf a guide is somthing that would would be a real comittment (and gets in the way of the real world lives anybody who tries to make a guide), as for making things up as it goes, well we’ll see how that goes (althoug alias definately was one of those shows that you end up watching religiously)

    Well, definately one I’m watching (and as for the Loch flashback epsiode being a tear jerker, definately)

    Lets see how it all pans out


    I’ve only seen the first episode, but I did think it had promise. It was hyped as being sorta Twin Peakish … must remember to watch it. Thanks for reminding me.

    n5 -kopele

    I’ve seen the first 4 episodes, I like it.
    Too bad about Mr Locks. I expected something supernatural about him, but he turned out to be a normal human being 🙁 I hope they’ll concentrate on the monsters and on some more supernatural stuff in the next episodes.


    theSpouse got a copy of one of the season one DVD’s by accident. He liked it, went and got all of them, and then had himself a ‘Lost’ weekend. 😆

    He likes it a lot. The parts I have seen seem to be X-files meets horror.

    And as for an explaination for everything, yet their other shows are written on the fly…..

    Well, having to get out of a plot corner is an explaination…. not a great one mind you, but an explaination none the less. 😀


    Lost seems to be loosing somthing as the series goes on. But don’t get me wrong, I think it is still a really good show and I’m keenly following it, but I remember the series premiere and the first 2 epps, I suppose that is a bad way to guage the show, but the strage thing on the island knocking down the trees should feature a wee bit more


    did you hear that you can down load the eps for $1.99 each from the ipod site. They will run on the new video ipod or your computer apparently. Sigh… there was also Disney stuff there, but no Kim Possible! Bleh!

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