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    New Official Lexx Star’s Convention site…

    Lloyd, Brian, and the stars have commissioned a new website for the Lexx star’s convention appearances! Now you can have contact with them all directly, in a single place, to find out where and when the stars will be near you!

    There’s tons of pics from conventions, bios for the stars, message boards for each of the stars, convention schedules, the Lexx mixers and parties, where to find autographs and Lexx props for sale, direct contact info for everyone, and info about the new “Lexx: The Comic Book” that’s being put together right now! There are even page translators for French, German, Spanish and Russian available, available right on the front page! (Warning: the translators can often come up with somewhat comical errors. You’ve been warned…)

    This is not another fan site! This is the OFFICIAL contact point for the stars, run by their Convention Manager!

    (It should also be pointed out that this will never replace the work that theFrey has done here on the Sadgeezer Lexx Convention Fourm, or on the Lexx Fan Club USA site!)

    There are several special thanks that should go out to the people who helped, too. Thanks to Chencha, for releasing the domain back to me, so we can have a single place that’s run by the stars themselves! Also, special thanks to theFrey, HDS, and Trini_T for what they’ve done at DragonCon! And, thanks to Strytlr, Dishroomprincess, Mok, Doffy, Patricia, and Mothbreeder (er, yeah, that’s me) for the pics from MegaCon and Viva Lexx Vegas!

    But the biggest thanks go to Brian, Xenia, Michael, Louise, Patty, Jeff, Ellen, and Lloyd for making all this possible!

    Check in, look around, and leave a message!


    Thanks, Lexxathon,
    for the most well constructed & most wonderful site that I’ve visited in a long time; there’s so much to see & get know about your favourite Lexx characters; I’ve already post a message to both Brian & Michael; & I’ll be posting a message to 2 of the Lexx stars at a time whenever I’m online. I highly recommend this site to any Lexx fan & anyone who’s into Lexx; I to suggest that others take a look at the site & post a message on each of the message boards.
    Thanks again for sharing this great site to everyone here, take care & have a great Summer.

    Lexxian to Lexxian,
    Jhevz 😉


    Thanks, MB and everyone else involved. I finally got a chance to check it out and it’s nice to have a place to go to find out what our favorite stars are doing these days.


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