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    The Nazi’s colors were red, white and black and so are the Peacekeepers. The Nazi’s used a symbol to represent them and so far it appears the PK’s do also.

    Nazi’s were under the impression that they were superior to all others, ditto PK’s.
    PK’s go all over the universe looking for new territory, and conquer with extreme prejudice.
    PK’s don’t try to exterminate entire races though, which is of course the biggest, and most important, difference.

    I would like to compare the PK’s more to the Spartans in that they are bred from an early age to be fierce warriors. There is no art or philosophy or anything unrelated to combat.

    They are taught to live with only the basic necessities and learn iron discipline and self sacrifice.

    The biggest difference between the Spartans and PK’s is the fact that the Spartans very rarely travelled outside their nation-state, Sparta. They didn’t want to leave their women and children.
    The PK’s travel widely looking for new territory to conquer.


    I posted this on the wrong site. ๐Ÿ™ This is definitely not much of a scaper hangout, but that’s cool. You live and learn.

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