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    Chalk this up under the Looking into things too deep department. But it would seem to me Sci-Fi USA is throwing a few bucks his way to keep him busy in case Peacekeeper War is a huge success as I kind of have a feeling it will be. By keeping him busy on Sci-Fi USA projects they have him much more accessible in case a continuation of the series is warranted.

    In any event here’s the news article from Sci-Fi Wire

    O’Bannon Enters The Triangle

    Producers Dean Devlin and Bryan Singer have hired Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon to write SCI FI Channel’s upcoming miniseries The Triangle, the network announced. The eight-hour Triangle, which will be executive produced by Devlin (Independence Day) and Singer (X-Men), will take on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle. No airdate has been set.

    O’Bannon previously wrote the miniseries Peter Benchley’s Creature for ABC and Robin Cook’s Invasion for NBC during the late 1990s. Steven Spielberg also commissioned O’Bannon to create the NBC SF series SeaQuest DSV.

    O’Bannon and Farscape executive producer David Kemper also wrote the upcoming original four-hour SCI FI miniseries, Farscape: Peacekeeper War, which is slated to air later this year.


    I think (hope anyway) with the marathon of all 88 episodes people who never saw Farscape could become interested and all caught up for the mini, which will have to be a great success. And if this works out, Rockne and everyone else is back for season 5, if they’re interested in another season at least.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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