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    Is itr just me or is the audio on the sadcasts very bad if watched via Google Video?

    If i download them via iTunes or watch them by first downloading them from Google (but not watchiung them via the google player) they play fine. If I just wacth them through Google video the sound is really awfull

    Does anyone else have this problem?


    Jepp. The audio is almost not audible. Either the audio is using 1kbps bandwidth 🙂 or maybe it’s been equalized wrong in the reencoding on Google?


    For me, it’s generally ok. It does seem to fade in and out a bit, and of course, the last sadcast(15) is totally inaudible save for the clips. I haven’t dowloaded any, maybe I’ll give that a try. I’m just glad I finally got the chance to watch ’em! Good job by the way. *claps*


    I just dowloaded the mp.4 of SadCast 16 and then watched it on Goolgle video. To be blunt, the audio sucked out loud on Google, but the mp.4 was so clear I heard Hollydays little one in the background during the opening intro. So, in short – too late, it ain’t just you.


    Alas, audio was bad for sadcast 15, and still is for no 16. I will now try to download it on itunes, which typically will take forever!

    Strange though… previous sadcasts were just fine on google video.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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